Tekken World. Are you Tekken competitor?


A Tekken exclusive event, only for Tekken

Hurrah for exclusivity!…

This event is sorely destined to hold the Tekken tournament. It is not included in any manga convention, as was the case in the first Tekken World.


Welcome claustrophobics….

The site, with more than 1000  will be at this event’s disposal: big spaces, high ceilings… and all just for Tekken.

More than 2000W of sound intensity

No neighbors, no need to lower the music…

What a better way to fill the space than over-the-top volume?

Competition’s screens, tested and approved by the Tekken Community

Nobody likes things coming in late, so…

Fangames has acquired competition approved screens without lag. This way the gaming experience is perfect and presents no delays.

A projector screen of 1000 inches

Do you suffer from short-sightedness? We have the solution…

A giant screen so as not to miss the tiniest detail.

Video Streaming

A live broadcast from Tekken World…

Fights will be broadcasted via streaming…This way people can watch you fight from all over the world.

A one day tournament

You can’t stay overnight? No problem…

The tournament will be held on September 14th, Saturday. Thus, there will be no problem for all those who can’t stay overnight, and can only assist said day.

Almost 48 uninterrupted hours of playing

Now this is playing…

All those participants who come from afar, as well as all those who desire so, will have

the option of staying in the site from Friday afternoon in order to relax, rest, start warming up, and play in our facilities.

For the more nocturnal participants, we offer the possibility of playing during the full night; nevertheless, all those who wish to rest will have a special designated area.

On Sunday morning, everything will still be available for those players who haven’t had enough with the tournament and wish to keep showing their abilities, or to get some rest from the previous night. Please notice that this service will only be available in the morning.

Free lodging in the facilities

You don’t want to go out even for a little nap? No problem…

A special area will be designated so that the participants can place their sleeping bags; in the purest “Lan Party” style (gamers also deserve one).

Tournaments of every Tekken and by pairs

Because we are nostalgic people …

An overlook of the full Tekken collection will be carried out through the creation of competitions for every game.  Moreover, there will be a tournament by pairs.

An event created by gamers and for gamers

An old ox makes a straight furrow. Experience is the mother of knowledge. Practice makes perfect… Who hasn’t heard one of these proverbs from their mother? Well enough, let’s not contradict mom…

This tournament is organized by competitors who know what competitors are looking for.


INSCRIPTIONS: http://www.fangames.es/index.php/10679/abiertas-las-inscripciones-para-el-tekken-world/


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Componente de Fangames y director del grupo. Mi función principal es la de diseñar los eventos y actividades que realiza Fangames. Me gusta dar conferencias sobre videojuegos, escribo noticias de actualidad en la web y esporádicamente realizo análisis de juegos.

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