Tekken World (English)

Fangames  is organizing a very special Tekken  competition for the next “ Salón del  Manga de Murcia” (a  manga  and anime convention which is held in Murcia, Spain) This activity will be called “Tekken World”.

Tekken World will be divided in two different sections, the main tournament, of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which will be called “Fire Fist Tournament”, and a full retrospective exhibition of the saga which will be known as “Tekken Journey”. Next, we will explain both activities more in detail and separately.

 Tekken World

Main Tournament of Tekken tag Tournament 2: Fire Fist Tournament

“Fire Fist Tournament” it’s the name of the main competition which will be running on Tekken World. The chosen game for this competition will be the just released Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  The tournament will be of professional level and the participation of the best competitors of the country is expected.

The running of the competition will be as follows:

  • The tournament will take place in a limited area in order to provide the participants with comfort and the best environment possible so they can concentrate.
  • The tournament will be played in 4 screens specially designed for competition purposes, which will have no LAG. This peculiarity is an essential requirement for high level competition, and particularly demanded for the best national players.
  • The regulations applied in this competition will be the same regulations used in the Tekken Community’s professional tournaments, and will be reached in a consensus with said Community. The regulations for this tournament are listed below.

The timetable of the competition will be as follows:

  • Friday 16th November: Free training and TTT2 pairs competition. Two of the four screens designated to the main tournament will be reserved for all those participants who have confirmed their participation in advance. This will be an unbeatable opportunity to warm up and to fire up the participants.
  •  Saturday 17th November: Qualifying rounds.  The competition will start on Saturday morning. The qualifying rounds of “Winners” and “Losers” will be played all day long until only the 16 best players of the tournament are left.
  • Sunday 18th November: Final rounds.  On Sunday the final rounds will be played.


Retrospective of the whole saga: Tekken Journey

The space called Tekken Journey will be a playable retrospective of the whole saga. There, the players will be able to try in a no competitive way (Freeplay) all those Tekken commercialized for games consoles in their original platforms: Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag, Tekken 4, Tekken 5 and Tekken 6.

Another incentive offered by Tekken Journey is the possibility of competing in all those games before mentioned, for during the three days manga convention, Fangames will organize a tournament of each one of those.

  • Friday 16th November: Tournaments of Tekken Tag and Tekken 3
  • Saturday 17th November: Tournaments of Tekken, Tekken 2 and Tekken 4
  • Sunday 18th November: Tournaments of Tekken 5 DR and Tekken 6


We are considering every detail in order to make it the most accessible and confortable as possible.

Due to this, Fangames, taking into account the Tekken community, and knowing they are distributed all around the world, is working to facilitate the players the best facilities and commodities at the best price.  For that we have already booked a 3 star hotel and negotiated an unbeatable price. Moreover, the hotel will provide a special room where the community will have the possibility to keep playing all night, and which will serve as a meeting point for friends. All further information is on the forum: Tekken Zaibatsu.


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